Communicate in Business English - A short course for business students

Communicate in Business English - A short course for business students
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Anul publicării: 2010
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.....''Communicate in Business English - A short course for business students''

The course aims to:

- introduce some concepts of business and economics found in books, newspapers, magazines, articles etc.

- develop the learner’s comprehension of economics texts

- help the learner to understand business concepts, starting from recent texts taken mostly from The Economist, and reformulating them in his/her own words by summarizing, criticising, analysing ideas

Most of the units are organized such as:

- A reading text on a particular topic, introducing key concepts and vocabulary

- Speaking activities including questions, discussions etc.

- Writing activities including summaries, tasks, brainstorming activities

Also, the varieties of exercises help the reader, not only to improve his/her English knowledge, but also to better know and understand the recent economic events.

The course is constructed around the information provided by the newest articles.

I hope you enjoy using this book

Communicate in Business English. A Short Course for Business Students is a reading, speaking and writing course for learners with at least an upper-intermediate level of English and medium level of Economics.

Autor: Mara Magda Maftei


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