English for Teens (Mihaela Chilarescu)

English for Teens (Mihaela Chilarescu)
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English for Teens (Mihaela Chilarescu) Exercise 1 Introduce the groups of words below the text in the numbered gaps. There are two which you do not need to use. There have always been children who have spread their arms wide, and run over the windy green hills of the world, hoping and hoping that their running might suddenly become flying. There have always been men who have gazed up at the birds skimming through the air, and have wished and wished that they might fly, too. But for thousands and thousands of years, all the hoping and the wishing remained just hoping and wishing, (I) Thrilled by the same story, two American brothers whose name was Wright and (2) took up gliding. They studied wind and weather and machines. They built a glider with one wing above the other as the pilot had to lie forward on the lower wing. They also began to dream of a glider which would fly under its own power. They worked hard for years and years, (3) and at last they built a large machine, fitted with a petrol engine. Then on a cold December day in the year 1903, they tried it. One of the brothers lay on the lower wing to pilot the machine, while the other stood on the ground, (4) There were only five people to watch their triumph, for a triumph it was. The machine flew. It was the first flying machine to be driven and controlled by man - the first real aeroplane. From that time the building of aeroplanes improved so quickly (5) that it is impossible to mention all the types of machines that were made, and all the stories of bravery and endurance in flight. There were the first Channel crossing, the first flight across the Atlantic, the first flight round the world. Journeys that take weeks by land or sea can be completed in a few days by air. Journeys which used to take days can now be done in hours. There arc speed records undreamed of in earlier days. There are jet-propelled planes that fly faster than sound. Today there is always the hum of an engine or the flash of wings somewhere in the sky - (6) man has learned the secret of flight. But the birds still skim and glide and turn above the trees, with the perfect balance they have always had - for they have known the secret since the world began. A. in so many small but necessary details B. holding a watch to time the flight C. often gliding a hundred yards or more D. for after centuries of dreaming... CUPRINS: I. Letters and Sounds in Words A. English is English! B. Homophones: do not mistake words for words! C. Abbreviations D. Enjoy reading these aloud! II. Reading Comprehension A. Scanning tests B. Dealing with unfamiliar words C. Searching for information D. Approaching language facets E. Inferring/lnterpreting meaning III. Texts to Rebuild A. Cloze B. Word building C. Unjumbling...


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