Super Safari. Pupil's Book. Limba Engleză. Clasa pregătitoare

Super Safari. Pupil's Book. Limba Engleză. Clasa pregătitoare
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Super Safari. Pupil's Book. Limba Engleză. Clasa pregătitoare - Herbert Puchta
Super Safari British English Romanian edition is a three-level course that welcomes very young children to English through stories, songs and playtime while supporting their cognitive, motor-sensory and social development.
The course introduces the new language through play while improving memory and concentration, thinking and creativity. With children’s development in mind, English and Romanian teachers have worked together to bring the Super Safari 3 adventure to preparatory grade students through this course that follows the Romanian Curriculum step by step and:
creates an inclusive learning environment through learning strategies, games and dynamic activities to ensure all students achieve success;
inspires passion and sparks the imagination through chants, colourful stories, action songs and fun arts and crafts.
So join Gina and her friends on this exciting adventure!


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